Planning for Healthy Cities

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Assignment 1 (15%): Planning for Healthy Cities (ARCH5043) 2019

The first assignment tests your comprehension of key concepts, theories and models regarding linkages between the built environment and health. ORDER YOUR PAPER NOW

Case document

“Sorting Out the Connections Between the Built Environment and Health: A Conceptual Framework for Navigating Pathways and Planning Healthy Cities’  You can download the article from the UniSA library webpage.

  • In a paragraph describe what you think Northridge and her colleagues were arguing in this article – the answer should reflect the complexities of the model and the other points they raise ?
  • In what ways could their paper be seen to apply to contemporary Australian urbanisation/urbanism and population health ?
  • What do we have now that might go some way to addressing the shortcomings they described regarding the ability to conduct research back in 2003 ?
  • Outline, preferably using basic visualisation tools, what you think is the most powerful but simple way to summarise the linkages between the built environment and health – justify your model by reference to the literature

Assessment criteria

Ability to succinctly communicate an understanding of an academic argument – 10%

Demonstrate critical appreciation of key themes regarding linkages between built environment and health – 50%

Ability to use journals and or policy documents to identify research evidence to support an argument – 10%

Ability to formulate ideas based on modest engagement with the literature – 20%

Appropriate referencing – 10%

Additional guidance

You are required to write this assignment in 700 words. You may go over a little but do not exceed two pages. You should cite at least 5 other peer reviewed articles and or book chapters to undertake this assignment. Note that the second criterion in the list above is worth 50% of the grade which should alert you to where the effort should go – the first and last questions. ORDER YOUR PAPER NOW

You must use the UniSA Harvard Referencing system – (Author/Date)

The Assignment is called a Report. What this means for the course is that you do not have to provide an Introduction and Conclusion – just answer the questions. For Assignment 2 and 3 you will need to provide an Introduction and Conclusion.

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