Positive Strategies for Work and Life

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Positive Strategies for Work and Life

“How Full Is Your Bucket? Positive Strategies for Work and Life”

The book under analysis is entitled “How Full Is Your Bucket” and is subtitled “Positive Strategies for Work and Life” whose main objective is explaining the ways in which colleagues interact. The main focus of the author is the positive aspects that affect human behavior and their interactions. In his book, Tom targets modern managers and employees and their interactions and interrelationships to explain how this affects the productivity of their companies.

The main concepts presented in this book are negativity skills, positivity, productivity, the impact of group interactions, and talent management. In the book, Tom puts forth four strategies for establishing emotional support among the work team. These tactics include self-criticism, informing others, leadership and loyalty, and motivating others. The author notes that positivity among the workforce improves their productivity. On the other side, negativity acts such as jealousy, conflicts, and selfishness kill workers output. Another concept presented by Tom is how a united team attracts and retains more customers and clients for a company. Also, the author explains the importance of bridging any employee recognition gaps that exist within a company in order to motivate employees.


As a reader, studying this book has been very helpful towards my understanding of crucial managerial issues. First, the understanding that demotivated employees scare off company customers and that recognition and praising of workers resolve this challenge. Second, workers productivity is killed where the managers are discriminative when it comes to praising and motivation of employees. Bosses need to avoid this negativity in order to ensure that the company thrives in the economy. Also, good leaders win employees loyalty and always ensure that employee ideas are considered in decision making. Further, every activity matter and has a potential to either increase or decrease company performance. Acts of employee harassment during performance decrease their morale; managers must be sensitive when conducting such procedures.

The concepts presented by Tom in this book are applicable to both career and life events in different ways. In my profession, I will ensure that all employees are equally treated and that their efforts are recognized and fairly appreciated. Also, I will encourage positive employees’ interactions in order to avoid any possible conflicts from arising. Further, I will ensure employee training and development initiatives designed to add their skills and expertise in the area of work in order to boost productivity. In my personal life, I will always value the attribute of loyalty in my family and from my colleagues. Also, I look forward to being an informing individual who always updates colleagues of right and wrong. In both my career and life, I will always value the character of selflessness, every other person’s idea is equally important to mine in decision-making processes.


In conclusion, I would recommend my colleagues to read this book. The author is very clear on the acts of negativity, positivity, and productivity within the workplace. Reading this book enables an individual to understand what contributes to either the success or failure of a company. Both learners and managers should read this book in order clearly understand the concepts of teamwork, employee recognition, inter-personnel relationships, performance appraisal, and better team spirit and their applicability in the workplace for a company to improve productivity and its competitiveness in the market.

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