PSYC1010 Final Project Approval

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PSYC1010 Final Project Approval

Here I would like to do my final Project about an Indian Actor Sanjay Dutt. He was accused for having an illegal weapon, it was Ak56 rifle. He was also accused for Mumbai Bomb blasts. Please allow me to do my assignment on this topic.



Format, Appearance, and Organization

  • appropriate title page (A.P.A.)
  • appropriate 12 font style
  • overall appearance and layout
  • descriptive headings, well placed
  • sequential organization







  • description of event
  • significance of this selection and why it is important
  • summarize the content of your paper





  • sufficient length – approximately (2000 to 2500 words)
  • adequate number and quality of references listed A.P.A. style
  • in-text citations used appropriately




Explanation of Relevant Theories

  • conditioning and learning
  • emotion
  • personality disorders and/or stress
  • social psychological influences





Relevance and Application to the Case

  • selection of appropriate theories and demonstration of relevance for each of: learning, emotion, personality disorders, stress, and social psychological influences
  • demonstrates understanding, logic, and insight
  • draws accurate conclusions







  • conclusion clear and effectively summarizes your findings
  • relevant to the introduction of the paper
  • discussion of “nature and nurture” as it pertains to the evidence provided. PSYC1010 Final Project Approval




Writing Mechanics and Expression

  • engages the reader
  • clarity of expression and flow of ideas
  • mechanically correct – minimal errors







*Marked out of 40 but is 20% of your final grade.  Mark above is divided by two


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