Questions for Philosophy HUM post

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Questions for Philosophy HUM post

Your text mentions the distinction between “pure philosophy” and “applied philosophy.” What are these forms of philosophy, and how do they differ? How are they related?


When you’ve responded to this prompt, please comment (in detail) on another student’s post. (Be careful! Don’t just respond with an empty affirmation or condemnation. Give details – analyze, identify assumptions, consider the implications. The same standards for good writing apply as they do in your homework assignments. Don’t just say things such as “Wow, great job. I really loved what you said about blah blah blah blah blah. I totally agree!” You’ll get a zero for comments like that, since they offer no thoughtful reflection on the content. You can like what others have written, but at least offer some of your own thoughts about it). Questions for Philosophy HUM post

NB: Should be 1 Page Response

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