Reflection about Personal Story

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Reflection about Personal Story

Disbelief, fear, and shock filled my heart as I saw my friend’s body sandwiched between the slick metal of his car. My friend had just excused himself from a friends’ event that we had organized. Despite our constant pleas for him to wait until the event ends, so that all of us leave together; he was unmoved due to some personal emergencies. No sooner had twenty minutes ended than I received a call that there was a car wreck, and my friend was involved.

Filled with shock, I immediately rushed to the scene of accident. His car had collided head to head with a lorry. The weight of his car pressed down on the upper half of his body with a monster force. His head was hurt, causing internal bleeding. The collision was fatal and claimed his life on the spot. Surprisingly, the driver of the lorry was not hurt, but his body was numb. Emotions overwhelmed me, and I could not control painful flow of my tears.


I tried to yell but I could not produce any voice. All I could do was cry, as disbelief about my friend’s demise filled me. After a while, I regained confidence and informed my other friends who as well came to the scene of the accident. Everybody could not belief his or her eyes. Witnessing the police carry his corpse was painful. Reflection about Personal Story

This experience helped me learn that I should welcome opinions from friends even when under an emergency. I also learned that friendship is gold, and that I should enjoy more while with friends for no-one knows what will happen in the next minute. Finally, I learned that emergency commitments should not make people over speed while driving, over speeding is dangerous and could be fatal.

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