Research Based Business Report

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Research Based Business Report

Question 1

The handbook by Victoria University of Wellington is about “how to write a business report” (Victoria University of Wellington, 2017). A business report must contain seven sections which include:

  1. Executive summary
  2. Table of contents
  3. Introduction
  4. Conclusion
  5. Recommendations
  6. References list
  7. Appendices

Introduction would be the easiest to write. A researcher needs to only ensure that the introduction is general-specific.


The table of contents gives researchers trouble. The proper understanding of headings and subheadings together with the skills of automatically inserting the table of contents in a word document is challenging.

Most researchers are not sure of whether they understand the appendices section or not. Researchers get confused about which type of direct information should be considered as an appendices and which one should not amount to appendices (Victoria University of Wellington, 2017).

Question 2

Scholarly articles, also termed peer-reviewed journals are written by professionals or scholars who are experts in that discipline or field (, 2018).  Scholarly articles have simple covers that clearly state basic information like the title, volume and issue number, city of publisher, name of the publisher, and the year of publication. On the other hand, other types of academic research sources are not necessarily written by experts in that field. It could be a report by corporate authors, article from website, case analysis, and conference proceedings among other types where the participants are not professionals in the topic being discussed.

Question 3

A 2000-3000 words business report accounts to 8-12 pages. In business research, the font size should be 12, double spaced, and preferably Times New Roman. In this rule, a double spaced one page amounts to approximately 250-275 words.


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