Rhetorical Situation Analysis

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Rhetorical Situation Analysis

Hupomnemata Out-Of-Class Entries

You will be looking for rhetorical situations outside of class this semester and logging them in your hupomnemata. When you discover a rhetorical situation in an ad, conversation, TV show, or any other place outside of class, you will look for the rhetorical devices that are being utilized to persuade. For each out-of-class entry, you will identify one, specific rhetorical device in a rhetorical situation. Literary devices are not the same as rhetorical devices. Be aware. You must have a total of 50 out-of-class entries before your hupomnemata is due. These will be numbered 1-50. Rhetorical Situation Analysis

Format for OUT-OF-CLASS Entries:

  • Rhetorical device identified
  • Summary of rhetorical situation (1-3 sentences)
  • Explanation of why the rhetorical situation is a good example of the rhetorical device identified (2-4 sentences)


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