Scholarship in Chinese University

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Scholarship in Chinese University

Applying for a Scholarship in Chinese University


I am writing this letter with a primary objective of requesting for a scholarship in Chinese university. I am a graduate with a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and Project Management at IGlobal University in the United States. The main rationale for this decision is to enhance accomplishment of my carrier objectives through extending my studies in Business Administration. I have substantial experiences in various platforms in line with my business profession. To begin with, I engaged in a part-time practice as an assistance Dean of Academics at IGlobal University in 2015. In 2018, I worked in The K Properties where I was delegated to execute obligations of a transactional coordinator. In 2019, l worked for Mai Thai Restaurant as an assistant manager. The coalition between the hard-earned knowledge and the subsequent experiences from various working platforms has escalated my aptitudes as a Project Manager. When granted the chance, l believe that l will be able to seek further relevant and pertinent insights in Business administration.


My academic records suggest that I am extremely hardworking. I have achieved good grands from my junior level to my senior level. For instance, l was awarded an academic scholarship worth $2430 in 2015, $112,387.5 between 2016 and 2018, and presidential listing from 2015 to 2018. I believe that the awards played pivotal roles in my carrier achievements and progress, especially in academic terms. Consequently, I learned crucial theoretical frameworks and concepts relevant in Project Management and, most importantly, Business Administration. From my experience, l can discern that Business Administration is a wide field which I have significant deficiencies and a lot to learn. However, l have skills in basic programming in Microsoft technology, technical proficient in Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint as well as organizing and planning skills. Therefore, the scholarship will ultimately mean a great deal in achievement of my academic goals and ambitions.

China is one of the most developed, and still developing, country especially in terms of entrepreneurship and technology. One of the basic reasons is because of its educational system which grants scholars exactly what they need in real life situations. However, this does not mean that United States’ education system is bad, but China is much better according to me. Since l have been exposed to the United States’ system, I feel that it’s time to transform my carrier to another level through joining a university that I believe can competently facilitate the same. Working in one of the biggest Chinese business organization, and still among the best in the world, has been my all-time dream since when I was at my junior level. Gladly, l have been pre-exposed to business environment which depicts my orientation about fundamental aspects of any workplace. Therefore, l will be humbled and curious to learn relevant theoretical concepts and reflection of the same through interactions with colleagues, lecturers and the business society at large. Surprisingly, l already feel excited that am in a position to apply for a scholarship in a Chinese University, which probably I couldn’t have done before due to qualification limitations. I promise not be a liability, rather a resourceful scholar in day to day activities in the university curriculum and the business world.

I will be glad and humbled if my application is considered and granted my all-time dream and a passage towards achieving my goals and reaching my destiny. I promise to adhere to all terms and conditions involved, university policies and norms as well as fitting in the Chinese culture and system.


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