Sesame Street ABC Alphabet Song

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Sesame Street ABC Alphabet Song

I learned the A-Z alphabets through Sesame Street. What an exciting show that was! Actors Cookie Monster, Elmo, and Big Bird presented themselves in form of cartoons when singing the Alphabet song. The song A is for Abby, B is for Bert, C is for Cookie Monster, and D is for Desert was my favorite. The Sesame Street Alphabet song offered physical presence on the videos as well. On switching on our television, I always tuned to the cartoon stations where ABC’s Sesame Street was always sung by the three actors. The love for the program made me request my parents to buy the recorded video so that I would practice the song and sing it alone. The continued practice and singing of Elmo’s Sesame Street Alphabet assisted me in learning the order of alphabets as well as writing them. I really enjoyed watching the video game.


In other times, I would call my friends to join me in singing the ABC’S Sesame Street, a play that we enjoyed most in our childhood. By the time I joined kindergarten, I already knew how to count letters A-Z, and loved teaching other kids on how to sing the song so as to master the alphabets in a more simplified manner. The Sesame Street Alphabet show always featured a classic nursery rhythm, that I enjoying listening and imitating. The new alphabetic song taught me new dancing styles by neck, hands, and waist while rapping the rhythms of its alphabetical order. I also learned that provided one has the passion and is happy to imitate something new, learning becomes easy. It was a great experience for me!

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