SIT50416 Diploma in Hospitality Management

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SIT50416 Diploma in Hospitality Management

Assessment Task – Project Report

As the Manager of ACA Restaurant Cafe’ you, as Joe Roux, have been delegated the responsibility to develop the operational plan and processes and procedures for planning and managing the resources acquisition of ACA Restaurant Café’ by completing the following 2 tasks.

In order to complete these tasks, you are required to follow the instructions of the tasks and utilise the directed templates as stated within this assessment. Relevant templates can be found on e-learning. You have the choice to create your own templates for the report or provide other form of evidences, however, they must meet the required criteria of this assessment. Please refer to the “Assessment Marking Criteria” at the end of this assessment for your reference.

Assume the following scenario for ACA Restaurant Café;’ to complete this assessment.


Presume that the management of ACA Restaurant Café’ has adopted a proposal to utilise a sunny indoor section of the lobby as a service point for morning and afternoon teas.

As the Manager of ACA Restaurant Cafe’ the next part of the operational planning phase requires you, as Joe Roux, to do an analysis on the financial positions of two (2) different options:

  1. The first option is to install a full espresso coffee service station in the newly designated area in the cinemas open lobby foyer area or;
  2. The second option is to utilise the existing coffee facilities inside the busy 24-hour coffee shop outlet of the café’ area, situated 30 meters diagonally across the foyer of your restaurant café’.

It fits all the legal requirements regarding the serving of food and after a cost-benefit analysis, it was seen to potentially create a lucrative new revenue stream in a previously revenue-neutral floor space.

As the Manager, among other evaluation activities in the initial planning phase, a guest marketing survey was conducted, the trading figures for the restaurant café’ were analysed and the following data emerged:

  • Initial estimated covers per lobby tea service per week = 250 customers
  • Budgeted average spends per cover excluding including GST = $18.50
  • Two (2) existing food service attendants are allocated for 2.5 hours for each service period.
  • One food service attendant will need to be hired to ensure the operation can operate 7 days a week.
  • The existing tables and comfortable lobby style seating are to be used so no other capital outlay is required to establish the revenue stream
  • The restaurant café’ service kitchen prepares the sandwiches and delivers them to the pass in the pastry section of the main production kitchen, located directly behind the proposed outlet. Gâteaux and pastries are prepared and plated up by the pastry section
  • The two (2) food service attendants order and collect all food orders for this outlet from the pastry section pass in the main production kitchen, via a convenient service entry door located directly behind the proposed lobby tea area
  • A set of service fridges in the front kitchen can be utilised for the storage and service of chilled alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages


Your task is to:

Develop an operational plan.

You are required to use the templates provided: “HM_Template 1_Standard Operation Procedure”,  “HM_Template 2_Strategic & Operational Plan”, ” HM_Template 3_ Appendices 1-6”, ’ HM_Template 4_HR Manual’  and the “HM_Template 5_ Job Description” (available on e-learning) to develop the plan, that includes the following details and information for the proposal: (You may choose to create your own template, however, it must meet the required criteria)

A. The Operation plan must include: (HM_Template 1_Standard Operation Procedure and Business Summary Plan)

  •  Cover Page
  • Table of Contents
  • Business Description and Overview
  • Key Stakeholders: Organisational Chart
  • The aim of the operational plan – What are you trying to achieve?
  • Mission Statement
  • Values Statement
  • Vision Statement
  • Organisational Goals
  • Organisational objectives
  • Strategies and Actions
  • SWOT Analysis of the Organisation: This could include similar scenarios relevant to your area and must include legal requirements for this type of operation.
  • Pest Analysis: This could include similar scenarios relevant to your area and must include legal requirements for this type of operation.
  • Contingency Plans
  • Conclusions and Recommendations

B. Provide a detailed overview (400-500 words) of the resource and acquisition requirements and options:

  • Technology (HM_Template 4_HR Manual)
  • Human Resources needs including recruiting, inducting and developing personnel within the organisation’s human resources management policies, practices and procedures (HM_Template 4_HR Manual)
  • Acquiring physical resources and services
  • An overview of financial requirements related to the Human Resources and Physical resources required (HM_Template 4_HR Manual)
  • Resource options including financial requirements (given the first three (3) months are used to establish the operation and are budgeted for). (HM_Template 4_HR Manual)
  • Using current trade equipment prices, analyse the most financially viable option for the hotel, either by purchasing or leasing and installing a full espresso coffee station or utilising the existing coffee facilities from the coffee shop outlet (HM_Template 4_HR Manual)
  • Requirements for intellectual property rights and responsibilities in recruitment and acquisition of resources and services which could include the use of logos, brands, products, images and/or trading names (HM_Template 3_ Appendix 3)
  • Monitoring and documenting performance. (HM_Template 3_ Appendix 1)

C. Develop a contingency plan with alternative options for each key aspect of the operational planning stages

D. Develops a proposal, and communicates, discusses and seeks approval from the Trainer (acting as the relevant personnel/stakeholders). During the discussion the student must further explain the proposed consultation requirements and provisions for implementation including: 3 Marks

  • The Timelines proposed to implement and manage this project (HM_Template 4_HR Manual)
  • The Communication Methods and strategies they will use with relevant stakeholders (HM_Template 3_ Appendix 5)
  • How they will negotiate variations of the operational plan (HM_Template 3_ Appendix 4)
  • Discusses the Strategies and methods they will use to engage work teams

E. List proposed evaluation and monitoring methods including the recommended key performance indicators and performance benchmarks that you will use to measure the performance of each aspect of this project

F. Addresses current legislative requirements including Council Approvals for installation of the espresso machines, Food Safety Accreditation, Human Resource Management and Work Health and Safety requirements and considerations


Your task is to:

Outline the processes and procedures you use for planning and managing the required physical and human resources.

You are required to address the following aspects: stated templates must be used

  1. Discuss your findings including the Human Resource and Physical resources required for the coffee machine you have researched in Task 1 with your Trainer who will assume the Manager role (HM_Template 4_HR Manual)                                                                          
  2. Provide a script of the details that were discussed and the findings of discussions with the Manager regarding the pros and cons of operating a high-quality food and beverage service in each situation. Depending on your training situation this may be completed in form of observation of your discussion with the two (2) staff. (HM_Template 4_HR Manual)   
  3. Detail your strategy on the Standard Operating Procedure for the Standard Operating Procedures which would be required to implement this operation with staff to ensure all operational and legal aspects are covered. (HM_Template 4_HR Manual)
  4. Develop a job description, using the provided template, for the role of a food service attendant for this particular operation. Which duties would this need to include and how will you ensure these are performed by the staff member? (HM_Template 5_ Job Description)
  5. Provide an overview of the documentation, communication requirements and any other strategies you will use to ensure performance initially and monitor ongoing performance (HM_Template 3_ Appendix 6)              
  6. Explain the requirements for intellectual property rights and responsibilities in recruitment and acquisition of resources and services which could include the use of logos, brands, products, images and/or trading names (HM_Template 3_ Appendix 2)  3 Marks

Develop and implement strategies to achieve the operational plan within the organisation’s policies, practices and procedures including:

  1. Recruiting, inducting and developing personnel
  2. Acquiring physical resources and services
  3. Protecting intellectual property
  4. Making variations to the plan
  5. Monitoring and documenting performance

Develop and implement an operational plan using a variety of information sources and consultation (including using specialist advice if required) which includes:

  1. Resource requirements
  2. Key performance indicators
  3. Monitoring processes
  4. Contingency plans



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