Snap Pop Party Email Campaign

Snap Pop Party Email Campaign

Project Instruction

Purpose of this Project

This is an individual assignment, which will ask you to outline a plan for one Snap Pop Party email campaign (which is a cycle of emails, from first contact through purchase follow-up).


You will create an email campaign for one specific buyer persona: Brenna the Bride

  • Interested in a photo booth for her upcoming wedding
  • Attends bridal fair 3-9 months out from wedding date
  • Wedding budget: $16,000+
  • 22-26 YO
  • Discusses at least some of the following with Miranda at the bridal fair:
    • price
    • process (set up, functionality, booth attendants, etc.)
  • Most excited about:
    • shimmer wall
    • high quality photo prints
    • customization
  • Most interested in photo booth for entertainment factor at wedding (take-home favors are secondary, guest book/memory capture is tertiary)
  • Secondary Audience (parents, fiancee and/or future in-laws) has partial decision-making power tied to wedding budget. She has to run it by others before committing.
  • Average Wedding size:
    • 100-150 guests for a venue-based ceremony wedding (75% of existing photo booth customers)
    • 250-350 guests for a temple/church-based ceremony wedding with separate reception venue (only 25% of existing photo booth customers)

Your Email Campaign Plan must outline all of the following:

  • Purpose of each email in the campaign
    (Increase brand visibility, Increase sales, Acquire new customers, Improve existing customer relationship, Increase brand loyalty, Increase website traffic)
  • Emotional Appeal(pathos) for each email in the campaign
    (love, virtue, aspiration, humor, sex, fear, guilt or hate)
  • Logical Appeal(logos) for each email in the campaign
    (List of supporting info, facts, stats or examples that will influence buyer decisions)
  • Spokesperson(ethos) for each email in the campaign
    (Miranda, past customers, partner vendors, etc. who should present this information)
  • Carefully crafted Subject Linefor each email in the campaign

Your campaign plan will include six emails:

  1. Nice-to-meet-you Email
    This will be sent within 24 hours of bridal fair introduction. Consider what additional information or strategies would move the prospect from the attention/interest stage to the desire stage of the sales cycle.
  2. Additional Info Email
    If a prospect does not convert after the first follow-up email, they may need additional information or some other inspiration or incentive to move into the action stage of the sales cycle. Brainstorm what kind of email could increase their desire/motivate action.
  3. Invoice & Contract Email
    Once a prospect completes the online booking form to reserve a date, Miranda speaks with them by phone to gather additional event info & booth preferences. as follow-up to that conversation, she sends out an invoice and contract. The goal of this email is to get the prospect to pay their 50% deposit to reserve the booth and date. The goal here is to move the prospect from desire to action.
  4. Mock-up & Helpful Tips Email
    Once a customer pays the deposit, Miranda talks with the client over the phone and then sends an email with additional information:
    Design mock-ups of all photo booth customizations for client approval (photo frames, booth wraps, photo templates, etc.)
    • Highlight Booth Features
    • Booth Placement Planning Tips
    The goal with this email is obviously retention by making things as easy on the client as possible.
  5. Balance Due Email
    Two weeks before the event, Miranda sends a payment request for the 50% balance. This email also includes details about event logistics (delivery, installation & booth attendant plans)
  6. Thank you Email
    After the event, Miranda sends an email thanking the client for their business. It also includes a link to the online photo gallery from the event. Miranda would also like to use this email as an opportunity to increase consumer reviews (she will target a different medium—Yelp, Google, social media, etc. each month).

Formatting & Submission

Your email campaign plan should be outlined in a spreadsheet that includes all of the following (and submitted as a PDF in Canvas):

Email Topic Purpose Emotional Appeal Logical Appeal Spokesperson Finalized Subject Line
Nice to Meet You
Additional Info
Invoice & Contract
Mock-up & Tips
Balance Due
Thank You


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