Social Media Presence Report

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Social Media Presence Report

Title: Feasibility Study of Social Media Presence System

Summary of the study

The feasibility study will provide an analysis of the current system in place highlighting some of the reasons as to why the organization should stop using the system. The description of the new system to be employed by the organization in order to engage the current and potential students as well as enhancing the profile of the organization through the use of social network. The test will also outlay various technological conditions to be put in place in order to realize the success of the project. Marketing approach and strategy when using the project will also be highlighted. The study will also provide the risks and issues in using the new system, the needs and requirement of the organization will be discussed. Furthermore, the key findings of the system will be drawn.  The conclusions of using the system and recommendations will be analyzed.



The ECU school of business intends to develop a system that will ensure its online profile is enhanced and provide easy access to the system by the current students (American Public Transportation Association. 2015). The potential students will also be able to access the system through the use of internet immediately they create an account with the system application. Such approach will enhance the students to access every information they need about the school as well as able to seek clarification on important issues (Brown, 2009). It is clear that the current system being employed by the organization is not effective and therefore need to adopt a social online system will bring profound transformations in the school making the school achieve its goals, boost service delivery and attract more students to join the school. Social Media Presence Report

Research concerning the social system points out that every stakeholder of the school will direct seek the information needed and the issues of concern will be communicated at ease with the help of this new system that is yet to be implemented.  The platform targets for utilizing the technology-oriented system that allows for privacy, interaction and can be accessed whichever the place one is. It will, therefore, reduce physical movements that sometimes are unnecessary when accessing some of the services. The system will ensure that the profile of the organization is maintained by providing room for auditing on the way the school utilizes resources, comments and criticism are also given over the same.

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