Social Style Assessment Discussion

Social Style Assessment Discussion

Discussion 2

  1. Print out the Social Style Assessment
  2. Listen to the instructions on how to complete it in the e-lecture for Chapter 3. Be sure to follow the matrix in the e-lecture, NOT the chart in Figure 3.7 in the textbook: Social Style Matrix
  3. Answer the questions below, stating the question first and then your response.

Question #1: What score did you get on the Social Styles Assessment (letter and number)?

  • What is your PRIMARY Social Style (this is your dominant style)? Analytical (D1, D2, C1, or C2), Driver (B1, B2, A1, or A2), Expressive (B3, B4, A3, or A4) or Amiable (D3, D4, C3, or C4)?
  • What is your SECONDARY Social Style? For example, if I am a B2, my primary social style is driver and my secondary social style is amiable. Therefore, my overall social style is Amiable DRIVER.

Question #2: After listening to the e-lecture and reviewing the Chapter 3 materials, what specific things did you learn about your Social Style? Describe at least five (5) characteristics that describe you and your social style. How accurate was your score?

Question #3: Salespeople need to be able to adapt or flex to the other social styles. Describe/explain 2 specific actions or behaviors you can use to adapt to each of the four main social styles. You should have a total of 8 actions or behaviors, 2 for each style. Be specific with your explanations.

Question #4: Discuss three (3) behaviors that are the most challenging for you to control/adjust. What specific steps will you take going forward to improve them.

Blog 6

Read the short Chapter 5 Case on page 124 titled “Developing a Strategic Prospecting Plan” at the end of the chapter and answer these questions:

  1. What methods should Jennifer use to generate sales leads beyond those provided by her company?
  2. How should Jennifer ‘qualify’ the leads provided by her company and those she generates herself?
  3. What is the profile of an ideal prospect?
  4. How should Jennifer prioritize her qualified prospects?
  5. What information should she collect about the prospects to help her prepare for a sales encounter? How can she use LinkedIn in the prospecting process?

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