Sociology of Sports Essay

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Sociology of Sports Essay

Find two journal articles on sport from a sociological perspective (outside of the unit readings). Summarise the main principles, techniques and limitations of these research pieces. Link the two main concepts back to the unit material to display how these findings add value to the concepts in question.


  • Unpacking the question

Techniques=what are the research methods, concepts and theoretical background evident?

Principles=see if there is a justification mentioned in the article for why this approach is being used.

Limitations=researchers will usually list the limitations of the research towards the end of the article. E.g. limited sample size.

  • 6 citations minimum-your 2 articles plus 4 others from the unit.
  • Harvard referencing is required.
  • The concepts that you find may endorse a concept from the unit material. It may be in opposition to it, which is also acceptable. What we are looking for is that you understand the differences between how the concept is portrayed in the unit material and how it is illustrated in the article(s) you have chosen. e.g. if you look at the idea of gender and sport one element that we covered is how female sportspeople are sometimes spoken of in relation to their physical appearance. Have you found other research that is consistent with this or that challenges it? Sociology of Sports Essay



  1. Demonstrate understanding of how sport research links to wider social issues. These could include gender, race, local culture, consumer society etc. (30%)
  2. Show an understanding of different theoretical and conceptual approaches from sociology to studying sport (30%)
  3. Ability to evaluate information using critical and analytical thinking and judgment (20%)
  4. Clarity of writing (10%)
  5. Organisation of discussion (10%)

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