Sport Management Program Task

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Sport Management Program Task

Outline for Final Report

Upon completion of the agency placement, each student is responsible for submitting both a final report and a notebook to his/her assigned faculty supervisor. An outline is provided below to assist the student in organizing the assignment.


The Final Report

Develop a 8-10 typed, double-spaced, page report on your internship experience. This should be placed in the first section of your final 3-ring notebook. The final report should cover all these areas.

  1. Provide a short executive summary and introduction statement that leads the reader into your internship situation.  Present the 5 w’s in this statement (e.g., who, what, where, when,…).
  2. Evaluate initial 10 goals and whether they were met and not met. Explain why they were met or not met. In this report, you should include the 10 goals that were developed by the end of the 2nd week of the internship and uploaded to Blackboard.
  3. Describe significant learning experiences and accomplishments. Explain how these have affected you professional growth and development. Give details of the fieldwork in which you have participated in and your experiences with that fieldwork. Explain what you have accomplished and what you have learned relative to your goals. What were the highlights and disappointments of your internships? Sport Management Program Task



  1. Describe your strengths and weaknesses of the internship agency as an internship site. Would you recommend it to other students? Why? Thoroughly analyze the experience reflecting on your future in the workplace, describe your strengths, interest, performance, problems, needs, and concerns as determined from agency placement.
  2. Provide whatever other information you feel is relevant to the overall effectiveness of the internship


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