Sports Psychology

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Sports Psychology


Blind cricket match is not that easy to play it is very different from the normal matches it has some rules in it the rules of blind cricket are based on the standard of cricket with some essential modifications.

There are a total number of 11 players in each team: in which four players who are totally blind and three partially blind players, and up to four partially sighted players

In terms of playing equipment, the major adaptation is the ball, which is significantly larger than a standard ball and filled with ball bearings to provide sounds. The size allows partially sighted players to see the ball and the contents allow blind players to hear it. The stumps is also larger, made of metal tubes with different colors , to allow partially sighted players to see and blind players to touch it in order to correctly orient themselves when batting or bowling.

Various other modifications to the rules apply. Sounds are used both by umpires and players, the bowler must shout ‘Play!’ as he releases the ball. The delivery is required to pitch at least twice when bowled to a completely blind batsman  but must not be rolling. Totally blind fielders are allowed to take a catch on the bounce.


Match at Kinnaird

There was a match held at 31st January 2019 in Kinnaird between the blind cricket team of Pakistan and Nepal. The visiting Nepal cricket team took a victorious start in the five-match international T20 series with a thumping ten-wicket win over hosts Pakistan at the Kinnaird College ground here on Tuesday.

With this match, history was created as it was the first ever blind women international T20 at home soil. The home side put into bat by the visiting side bowled out at paltry 53 runs in 11.3 overs as most of their players failed to rise to the occasion and fell cheaply. While chasing the easy target, Nepal displayed quality cricket and hunt the target in just five overs without any loss setting a high pace of runs with boundaries and singles. PBCC acknowledged the efforts of Kinnaird College for Women University.

Psychological strength of Players

Cricket is a fantastic game and can be the way the life of some as in life you made mistake that can prove to be your undoing, you get chances at redemption and until the stamps are drawn you have the opportunity to fight back. Same are the psychological strengths on a player in a game, as long as you have discipline you can succeed in life and cricket, without discipline cricket will find you out very quickly

Following are the psychological strength of players

  • Concentration

Concentration is about focusing on what is relevant rather than the distraction of the opposite team, the pitch, the match situation, the weather etc

  • Motivation

The drive to achieve something we must know what we want to achieve.

  • Coping the pressure

Pressure and nervous the makes us strange physically and mentally that is obvious. The ability to cope and maintain technique and mental strength under pressure.

  • Confidence

Confidence plays a huge role in determining your performance. Knowing your strengths can help you gain confidence when you aren’t playing well. Know your weaknesses as well form out a plan around them and don’t dwell on them. You must have a plan of how to build on your strength and weaknesses. Also players should try to remember their best performance before they play, this could help those weak more confident.


  • Playing Under Pressure

Playing under pressure is extremely important as it often these situation with determine whether you win or lose. Another form of pressure is created when you are physically injured . In a match situation you often ball bat or field well when you are tired.


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