Strategic Change Management Project 

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Strategic Change Management Project

Assessment 2: 40% Strategic Innovation Change Management Project

How are the people in educational organisations and institutions engaging with artificial intelligence automation and robotics and managing these changes and innovations strategically.

I had to choose a company and write in my report what strategy, what innovation and what change would i introduce in the business so that we have a growth and recognition in the market. The company which i chose is a startup company “FOUNDAFOUNDER” – a startup business for all the new emerging markets. I have to address in my report about a strategy, innovation and change which i can introduce in the business and help it to grow and stand a better position in Australian Market. I have to introduce a OCM Approach Model, Business model and few other change management models (Kurt, Lewin) to support my report. I am attaching a sample report solved by a student. we can just refer it but not use it. Also attaching the question pattern and Rubric of the assignment to be strictly followed. 

Report Format – depend on the project – source a suitable report format as a group. Which must have the following

  • Abstract
  • Introduction
  • Body: Focus on the project Strategy, Innovation and Change Management
  • Conclusion: Referencing & Bibliography
  • Page no’s & date in the right-hand left corner of the document
  • Your name and student number in headers of the document
  • Cover page
  • Font – 12- point Times Roman
  • Submission – online only unless otherwise directed

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