Supply Chain Management System Report

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Supply Chain Management System Report

Format: Report
Target Word Limit: 1250-1500 words
Referencing Style: APA

As an Operations Manager of an organization of your choice, you are required to evaluate the organization’s Supply Chain Management system. Provide adequate reasons as to the importance of their system, utilizing the key task below.

Assignment Task

  1. Analyze the Supply and Demand aspect of the organization’s supply chain.
  2. Critically evaluate the benefits of a well-managed supply chain system, considering the dynamics of both internal and external attributes.
  3. Provide a holistic analysis of your organization’s supply chain activities, specific to the organizations main objectives.
  4. Conclude your report and provide recommendations.


Learning outcomes to be examined in this assessment
1. Critically evaluate methods of planning and organizing efficient operations and networking.
2. Analyze the problems of controlling component activities and of controlling quality
3. Critically discuss methods of project evaluation and of scheduling resources

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