Sustainable Organizational Design 

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Sustainable Organizational Design 

No. of word counts required: 1500 

Harvard Style Referencing 

Course: Sustainable Organizational Design 

Assessment details

Research key aspects of planning as well as contingency factors in organisations, and evaluate the relevance of organisational design in today’s increasingly complex environments. Your essay should address the following question:

What is the relationship between planned and contingent aspects of organisations, and how should this understanding guide organisational design?Document your response with evidence from the research literature.

In addressing this question, you may wish to consider the following points:

  • Why does society need organisations? Why do organisations exist?
  • What are the distinctive features of an organisation?
  • How much control can organised activity exercise over its environment(s)?
  • What are the distinctive features of contemporary organisational environments?
  • What can organisations do to become and stay successful in such conditions?


When expressing your own opinions in response to the essay question, it is acceptable to write in the first person. However, make sure that all your claims are supported by well-reasoned explanations and, where applicable, evidence. You are free to use references from the prescribed and recommended literature, but not excessively (5-10 references should be sufficient). Reference to your own professional or work experience, where relevant, is also acceptable.

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