Swinging Safari IMC- Case Study Analysis

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Swinging Safari IMC- Case Study Analysis

Executive Summary

This paper outlines the recommended integrated marketing communication (IMC) approach for an Australian-produced, low-budget romantic-comedy called ‘The FlipSide’, releasing in Australian cinemas on 9 August 2018 by the local subsidiary of 20th Century Fox (Fox). As well as part-funding and developing the movie, all marketing assets will be conceived, produced and implemented by the local team. Each movie’s cinema release has unique attributes, unique release environment challenges and opportunities to navigate, and most usually have a very limited cinema ‘shelf-life’ within which to achieve success. Additionally, there are many variables beyond the control of distributors, including the quality and perception of the movie and how word-of-mouth influences performance, both positively and negatively. All must be managed within the IMC programme as best as possible. This paper takes learning from a recent Australian movie release from an independent distributor that delivered disappointing box-office returns, and considers the approach taken and reasons why it did not perform as hoped. Where relevant, the learning will be applied to support the process of IMC planning for ‘The Flip-Side’ along with other recommendations to deal with specific ‘marketing challenges’ facing this movie. Processes and disciplines that help develop creative strategies and form well-structured objectives to unlock the benefits of a well-formed IMC plan across the whole promotional mix for a movie will also be covered, with specific reference to the supporting role of two promotional mix elements: publicity to stimulate positive audience perception via objective and credible endorsements, and the reliance on working with cinema-operators to lead sales promotion and direct sales as a key partner within a distributors’ overall IMC planning process.


An integrated marketing communication (IMC) programme guides planning, execution, monitoring and management across all relevant aspects of the promotional mix, with consideration for the role, function and budget allocated to each element. These strategic synergistic-effects encourage consistent consumer messaging, cost-savings, internal coordination and efficient resource usage (Kitchen and Burgman 2015).


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