The College Advantage by Dehaas

The College Advantage by Dehaas 

Thesis Summary

In the article, neither the college nor the university education and skills can be undervalued. While university education inspires people to transform the society, college/ technical education give learners the right tools of changing the world.

This article is more than a few years old; does its argument still apply? What do you see as the main advantages of going to college or university?


Published in 3rd March, 2011, the arguments of this article are applicable in the modern academic world. The main advantages of going to college or university include:

  • Gives graduates an edge that distinguish themselves from the rest
  • Enables people understand what they need to achieve in life
  • Provides learners with practical skills and connections of putting their plans into action
  • Helps learners discover what motivates them to work and the skills of writing and expressing thoughts

To make his point, Dehaas relies mainly on the voices of those in college and university: Reg Flynn and Aisling Nolan, Choose one viewpoint and summarize the point you think the person is trying to make.

Flynn credits university education of being more flexible than college education. The point that Flynn is trying to make is that university education has more value than college education. In Flynn’s argument, university education enables learners to discover the essence of life as well as what gets people motivated to learn. It is easy to uncover one’s passion by joining a university just after secondary school. In a university, learners get explored to the world and also acquire all transferable skills of expressing themselves and writing the thoughts they have in a presentable manner.

Vocabulary words

  • Mortarboards: a good example is an academic cap
  • Geopolitics: For example international interactions such as Nolan’s job in South Korea where she travelled across the world such as Thailand
  • Global-Medic: For example charity works in marginalized regions
  • Topography: For instance in the multi-layered computer map
  • Venturing: For instance in dens after food hibernation



Education is important to all people. Whether acquired in a university or a college, education changes people’s way of thinking, view of world, and focus. University education inspire people to transform the world into a better place and college education give people the skills and tools of accomplishing university goals. Without technical education, even university acquired knowledge would be irrelevant.


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