The Square- Guiding Questions

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The Square- Guiding Questions

Briefly answer the following questions:

  • What unites all people together in the initial protest movement? Why do Islamists and secularists and Christian Copts get along initially? How does this unity dissipate?
  • What’s the obvious bias of the film regarding the Muslim Brotherhood? Is the perspective of the Muslim Brotherhood granted a voice?
  • How do the secular revolutionaries imagine the role of religion/Islam in the post-Mubarak era? How does the Brotherhood understand the role of Islam in Egyptian society?
  • How do the main actors of the film react to the electoral victory of the Brotherhood?
  • Why do millions of Egyptians protest against the Brotherhood President, Muhammad Morsi and ask for his resignation? Why is Morsi/Mubarak not considered a good leader? What are qualities of a good leader from the secularists/Islamists perspectives? Can a leader be deposed and under what conditions? The Square- Guiding Questions
  • What is the role of the military in Egyptian politics?
  • What is the role of women in the Square? How are women represented in the film? Does the film address the matter of women’s rights at all?


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