Total Quality Management Report

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Integration of Total Quality Management Report

Management Summary

The project report utilizes the case study of Bill Doer who is the director of quality assurance in his plant. In the introduction, the report will elaborate on the quality assurance, the various aspects of quality assurance such as personnel, purchasing quality, and manufacturing, product design and packaging as well as marketing will be covered. The key challenges facing management in attaining quality assurance will be highlighted in the report. The report will also look at ways management should do in order to realize quality in their organization based on the case of Bill Doer. The reasons as to why the management needs to consider every issue to be important in order to avoid making the company suffer, though Bill Doer lacked this quality. Recommendations and conclusions of the report will be highlighted. A PREVIEW: Click here to ORDER NOW


Managers need to ensure that they boost their management skills through going for training, attending workshop and conferences just the way Bill Doer did in the case study provided. It is proper for the managers of the organization always to realize that every issue in the organization counts a lot and, therefore, plays a role towards realizing the set goals of the organization (Walters, 2011). The management of every organization has a vital role to play in ensuring that quality assurance management is enhanced.  The focused managers will strive to realize this since they know clearly in their mind that the aspect forms the basis of an organization developing.

It is due to the fact that organizations utilizing the integration of quality management approach ensure that such companies are able to meet the challenge to drive the efficient operations and boost the overall compliance in the organization. The managers of companies in this regard look at avenues of producing high-quality products speedily at low cost in order to realize more profits. The strict regulations of the environment are the key challenging to realizing this since organizations must adhere….Continue Reading

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