Transport & Inventory Management

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Transport & Inventory Management

Below are two question topics pertinent to this module; you are instructed to answer BOTH using the resources available to you in the form of a referenced report. This report will articulate your knowledge of the module subject. The report is to be concise and clear in its meanings and be 2500 words +/-10%. Each answer to the question topic should be broadly the same length. Remember you must include an executive summary of around 200 words in length to summarise the whole report, which will count towards your total word count.

Topic 1:
Transport: there is a growing demand to increase resource utilisation and intermodality/multimodality during transport phases in ways which challenge established transport strategies. Choose a company to:

  1. Identify and explain its intermodal/multimodal transportation choices;
  2. Examine how this company can increase the intermodality/multimodality in its supply chains, for some or all of its product categories; and
  3. Critically evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of the new intermodal/multimodal transportation choices.

You MUST provide relevant examples (e.g. logistics / transport companies) from the literature sources to support your response. You are also required to use diagrams and flow charts to illustrate and underpin your analysis. This question carries 45% of the marks.


Topic 2:

Warehouses: whether they are classed as national distribution centres, regional distribution centres, warehouses or hubs, perform a variety of different roles. Strategic and operational factors impact upon the effectiveness and efficiency of warehouse operations throughout the supply chain. Select a company to:

  1. Examine how this company manages its warehouses and propose different/better order picking principles to suit the company’s strategic and operational factors; and
  2. Critically evaluate how the different/better order picking principles could be influenced by product inventory types, utilisation of space, stock movement, technology and the location of picking areas.

You MUST provide various examples from the literature sources to support your evaluation. You are also required to use diagrams and flow charts to illustrate and underpin your analysis. This question carries 45% of the marks. Transport & Inventory Management

The remaining 10% of the marks are awarded for executive summary, presentation, grammar, style, and layout.

It is not a requirement, however, it is completely acceptable to use the same company for both topics.

Please answer these two topics separately under numbered headings/sub-headings and use academic theories and examples to support your discussions. You are expected to use all material from lectures, seminars and use no less than 30 (15 per topic) academic resources including textbooks and peer reviewed academic journal papers and other databases, professional institutes and company reports.


Your need to include a title page, a page for the table of contents and a separate page for the executive summary. You may also include an appendix for relevant supporting material, but your main arguments must be included in the body of the report.

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