Unconventional Monetary Policies: A Dissertation

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Unconventional Monetary Policies: A Dissertation

Topic: Comparative Analysis of Unconventional Monetary Policies in the UK and the US (40 Pages)


Researchers have made tireless efforts in improving our understanding of the impacts of unconventional monetary policies. Currently, the issue of unconventional monetary policy within the UK and the US is strongly debated. In particular, this is true with the unconventional monetary policies being set in place for the first time by the central banks in advanced economies; the US and the UK. Such unconventional monetary policies include quantitative easing and forward guidance as the economy looks to recover from the sovereign debt crisis of the 2008 Great Depression, reduce unemployment, and increase economic activity. The timing, extend, and the exact nature of these policies differed across the UK and the US. The dissertation aims at analyzing in a comparative manner the causes and consequences of these unconventional monetary policies in the United Kingdom and the United States. Have these countries succeeded in realizing their goals? A related question is whether these “unconventional” monetary policies are to become conventional tools in the arsenal of major central….Continue Reading….

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