Unit 7: Presentation of Arguments Worksheet

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Unit 7: Presentation of Arguments Worksheet

Topic:  Emotional Health with adolescent youth and some coping skills

Thesis Statement: As children continue to grow up and get exposed to adversity, they struggle with self-esteem or even trying to figure out how to persevere or deal with it.

Argument 1 Early Adversity:

According to Jim, Mcleod, and Murdock (2010) “these negative effects of early adversity are likely to influence the types of environments that children select into later in life, as well as increase the probability that individuals will perceive stress and react in ways that escalate stressful circumstances, such as interpersonal conflict” (p. 110).

Adolescents that grow up in an unsystematic household can lead to poor health. Kids learn stress from inside the home.  If there’s arguing or fighting inside the home, the children will imitate those behaviors it….Continue Reading….

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