Week 1- Communication Plan

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Week 1- Communication Plan

We are going talk about your  communication plan this week, and one thing I want you to remember about the communication plan is critical to the success of change. Because you do not want to panic anybody whether it’s internal employees the media external employees. Wall street, so that’s why we have to have an effective communication plan. And your assignment also mentions handing the Kotter’s established format. If you go to your text book, and you can go to globalization and geopolitical developments, where kotter begins in chapter 3, and throughout your book, you can see the to topics that you can refer to throughout your book. But what I d like you to do, is start by reading this section so you understand all of that and incorporate it in to your assignment.


So let’s go back to the course project. This week you will have three areas that are due. (1) One  of the main part of your team  will provide this week will ask you and you team to pick one of the company’s change plan and develop a communication plan for the company.  (2) Second part will be by collaborating with your team member. Select one of the communication pieces that you would have used that is list in your communication plan. And them go ahead and create all that. Number ( 3)  The real world aspect of this project is that you will write a one to two pages analysis of one of media pieces by your company’s change Written to provide to the media pieces about your company.  So that is going to be in a Memo format and that can be one to two pages long or a P R release which can be a one to two pages long. And then here’s the rubric for this week. You will have two documents that are due. One will be an Excel grid sheet one will be a word document. In the Excel grid sheet, what I want you to do is list these part out ID, the stakeholder’s involved timeline of communication the type of communication the rationale that your team is using for this type communication. Idea of the correct communicator or communicators and at least four communication pieces listed on the spreadsheet. In the word document, what you are gonna do is you are analyze the critical communication plan as seen from your public eye. Your stakeholders, your sample communication piece again which via memo, one or two page memo. And then you will have your references if you have any. Week 1- Communication Plan


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