Week 4 Assignment

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Week 4 Assignment


Leadership styles and organizational culture have an impact on the performance of the company. It is notable that if an organization changes its cultural traits, the performance is marked to be affected negatively in terms of effectiveness and efficiency. The widely shared cultures have been linked with the positive performance of a company. In this regard, it is vital to establish relevant organizational cultures and ensure they are maintained for the continuous success of the organization.



Google has one of the best organizational cultures hence deserves the “best company culture award”.    True flexibility is among the cultural practices of the company which has afforded it the success it has. The company acknowledges the importance of having a flexible work schedule for the employees which enhances their motivation. I agree with the statement and the practice should be applied to other organizations. Work flexibility is healthy for employees to exercise their creativity skills hence improving productivity. The employees should not be tied to working under fixed hours but should have a flexible work schedule which allows them leisure time to freshen up their minds.



One of the aspects of organization culture include the norms. Norms refer to the expected mode of conduct and the standards that the employees should follow. My organization culture values the dress code in that all the employees are expected to dress in suits. Cultural alignment plays a role in boosting employee morale considering that every employee gets used to the culture hence reducing workplace conflicts (Keyton, 2011). In my organization, the culture helps the employees to understand each other well hence promoting unity. Generally, organization culture should be valued a lot and the mode of communication be clearly defined in the efforts to uphold the culture.


Keyton, J. (2011). Communication & organizational culture: A key to understanding work experiences. Los Angeles: SAGE.

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