Wesfarmers Environmental Analysis

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Wesfarmers Environmental Analysis

Executive Summary

The paper has been carried out on the key objectives of Wesfarmers Limited, an Australia based company. It has been assessed the strategies used by it to ensure a smooth flow of the organizational work. Particularly, the paper is completely focused on analyzing the external environment of this company using PESTLE tool and has also shed light on the threats and opportunities present for Wesfarmers Limited.


Competition has always been the central to both the success and failure of a company in an industry. The companies through their own strategy seek to achieve the top most positions within their respective industries and competitive advantage is the potential of the companies to gain their desired position through the available resources and attributes. (Ross 2013) The main aim of this paper is to evaluate the key objectives and the strategies of an Australian based company known as Wesfarmers Limited. This paper shall elaborate on the analysis of its external environments by using PESTE tool. It shall further elaborate on discussing the threats and opportunities present for the company in today’s market. Wesfarmers Environmental Analysis



Case Background

Wesfarmers Limited is a diversified Australian company, which has business operations in industrial and retail activities. It was earlier known as the Western Australian Farmer’s cooperative (Gilchrist 2015). The retail activities of this company consist of liquor, supermarkets, convenience stores and hotels; office supplies and home improvements; apparel retailing and departmental stores. Its industrial activities consist of industrial and safety; resources; and fertilizers, energy and chemicals. This company markets and manufactures chemicals, LPG, LNG and fertilizers and is headquartered in Perth, Australia. Its target group includes the shoppers who seek for convenience, variety, services and discounts (Le and Phillips 2015).  In today’s date, the company is one among the largest listed companies in Australian area, employing more than 220,000 employees in its business….Show More Content….


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