Whispering Pines Business Report

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Whispering Pines Business Report


Whispering Pines is considering a change in the marketing model. A hypothesis is to be tested on whether a new business model will give a better performance compared to the existing model. A request has therefore been made to Lee McBride by Tim Hayden from the board of directors to provide a thorough insight as well as making recommendations on a better business model. The preferred business model is the development of a retirement home. The business has been losing money although no sufficient financial documents are available to ascertain the allegation. Tim is determined that Lee will help in solving the puzzle since Tim and other board members do not have a background in business. Lee has adequate experience in helping profit organizations in solving similar problems, and therefore he is in a position to help Whispering Pines Business.



Whispering Pines dates back to about 92 years ago. Current residents have found Whispering Pines facility to be a better place, and the business is aiming at becoming a historic retirement home even for future residents. Whispering Pines is currently known as a boarding home since it provides a place where people can rest, have food and also take medication peacefully. The business is headed by a single manager who reports to the board treasurer although clear duties and responsibilities of the manager are not specified.


Lee McBride used online sources to gather information on Whispering Pines. The business website appeared to have little information on the activities of the business, however. A comparison between retirement homes and boarding homes gave Lee an insight on the authenticity of the proposed business model. Also, Lee set a meeting with all the board directors in a bid to learn more about their roles and responsibilities as well as to enlighten them on the proposed change of business. Lee spends the time before the meeting to research the physical issues affecting the company such as the medication and the physical appearance of the business buildings.




McKinsey’s 7’s Framework has been broken down concerning the Whispering Pines case study (Shaqrah, 2018). The proposed recommendations include…continue reading….



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