Will AI Take over the World

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Will AI Take over the World

Eng 101: Composition I

Artificial intelligence (AI) is defined by computer that is intelligent enough to work and react like humans. To say in clear words, it’s a computer that has the ability to learn and make decisions without any human input. Technology is on its way to becoming more advanced, so it can work on its own without help of a human. Today AI made self driving cars, virtual assistants, facial recognition, and even robots that can walk, do jumping flips or respond back to human questions. Right now, AI helps people do what would normally take hours to do on our own and condenses it, saving time, energy and money on everyday tasks. But suppose it turns against people and someone designs an AI to harm people, it should be feared. Some of the world most intelligent people are afraid of these exact possibilities such as Elon Musk, Bill Gates, and the late Stephen Hawking. Artificial Intelligence can be used to Automate weapons, social manipulation, invade on privacy, and possibly evolve on its own after creation. The fear of technology taking over the world is rampant and can cause mass hysteria if not taken seriously. Technology, throughout history has been used for evolution of civilization, but also manipulated for war. The same thing is possible if  Artificial Intelligence was designed for “evil” and became a weapon. This can be exemplified through espionage on personal lives of civilians or even as far as other governments.


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