British Critical Literature Essay

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British Critical Literature Essay

I would like to have my paper on “How nature inspired Percy Bysshe Shelley through examples of his literary poems”.

It needs to focus on the poems specifically, not really a biographical essay. There needs to be specific references and examples of the poems.

Here is the restrictions from my professor.

Read and take notes on at least two authoritative critical books, articles, commentaries, or essays (besides your textbook) which also interpret and comment on your assigned selection. In your “Works Cited” page, remember to include your textbook as a source, besides the two (or more) outside sources you consult. NOTE: You are responsible for properly identifying any internet source with its correct internet address (URL). Further, if the source comes from a paid subscription site, ie., one that cannot be accessed, you are responsible for either 1) providing the information to enter the source’s site to view the original source, or 2) furnishing an exact copy of the original source through a printed copy of it or a screen capture. Failure to furnish such accurate source information when your instructor requests it, is grounds for plagiarism. British Critical Literature Essay


Remember, this is an English class. Grammar, spelling, and punctuation count! Use academic English: no contractions, slang, or second person.

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