Building a Competitive Advantage

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Building a Competitive Advantage

Wk 2 Team Assignment: Building a Competitive Advantage

Resource: Building a Competitive Advantage Grading Guide

Refer to the following Week 1 – Required Learning Activities:

Strategic Management: Concepts and Cases, Ch. 2: Analysis of the External Environment: Opportunities and Threats

Strategic Management: Concepts and Cases, Ch. 3: Internal Analysis: Strengths, Weaknesses, and Competitive Advantage

Refer to the Week 2 – Required Learning Activity: Strategic Management: Concepts and Cases, Competitive Cost Advantage

Purpose of Assignment

The purpose of this assignment is to help students understand how manufacturing and service companies can maximize their competitive advantage. The Porter Model is discussed as a method to categorize and assess businesses and industries.

Assignment Steps

Write a 1,050-word report in which you address the following:

  1. Examine and discuss competitive strategies that manufacturers can use to gain competitive advantage.
  2. Apply costing and financial strategies for manufacturing and service companies.
  3. Identify value chain strategies for both manufacturing and service companies.
  4. Discuss (Porter’s Model) and categorize (NAICS) the industry of a company the Learning Team selects.


Cite 3 scholarly references, including at least one peer-reviewed reference from the University Library.

Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines.

Submit your assignment.

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