Business Model- Volvo Group

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Business Model- Volvo Group

Business model

VOLVO GROUP, SWEDEN (Manufacture and service of trucks and construction equipment.)


Essay marking criteria (30%)

  1. Demonstrates an appreciation of business model theory in the literature. 3%
  2. Identifies and concisely outlines the opportunities and threats caused by the advances of smart connected- products to the existing business model. 3%
  3. Applies the Osterwalder & Pigneur (2010) business model framework to illustrate findings. 6%
  4. Critically applies the business model perspectives: value proposition, capabilities and resources, system of processes and profit formula to the analysis. 6%
  5. Critically discusses the significance of the business model findings to the future of the business. 6%
  6. Introduction, conclusion, coherence of arguments and theoretical integration. 3%
  7. Written communication, credible sources and referencing standards skills. 3%


Referencing Style

No, an essay does not have sub-headings as it requires you to present a number of main ideas or arguments in a logical manner to address the task (don’t forget introduction and conclusion!). Business Model- Volvo Group

Learning Outcomes Assessed

  • discuss the range of innovation strategies and paths available to ensure future sustainability and viability of a business or organisation;
  • critically analyse information that provides insight into innovation and business development processes;
  • develop and evaluate innovative solutions to improve the sustainability and viability of a business or organisation;
  • critically evaluate one’s own personal capabilities and the resources available to implement innovation and business development projects; and
  • effectively communicate commercially, socially viable and ethical innovation systems and business proposals for businesses and organisations.