Canadian Serial killers

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Canadian Serial killers

Major Assignment: Reducing Crime in Contemporary Canadian Society – Canadian Serial killers

Overview: During this course we have discussed the causes of crime, responses to crime, and the counting of crime. In this assignment, you will bring together the knowledge from class-based work and academic sources, utilizing research skills to analyze a specific type of crime, Serial killers and develop ideas what the causes are with criminology theory. ORDER YOUR PAPER NOW

Details: This assignment will be comprised of two distinct parts.

The first Section:

A standard essay that will critically examine the current  and historical nature of the crime . In this section you will use:

  • Academic quality sources (government statistics and publications, journal articles, books, and appropriate credible newspapers and web sites) to examine a type of crime and the current responses to it (special operations, new legislation, funding initiatives, community interactions).
  • You must apply the criminological theories discussed in class in to the assignment to identify:
    • Causes of the crime:
    • How this crime type is being approached by the criminal justice system. You need not only focus on policing.
  • This section will be 1,250-1,500 words in length (not including title page and references section) and should use a minimum of 7 different sources. You will lose 5% of your total mark for every 100 words under 1,000.

For all the work:                          


Evidenced Based Practice

You will be expected to demonstrate and apply the skill of critical analysis.  This involves researching your chosen issue by reading, analyzing and citing articles, publications, journals and/or books.  You must use APA citation style, including in-text citations.   All sources of information that you use must be accredited and cited in a reference list.

The direct and unedited import of information from other sources must be avoided unless it is clearly referenced and cited as a quotation.  Failure to do will be regarded as plagiarism.  Plagiarism will be regarded as a matter of Academic Misconduct and you will receive a mark of ZERO and face disciplinary action at a Program level. You should include a references page at the end of the document.


Deadline: If you are unable to submit your assignment on time, for any reason, you must notify the instructor prior to the due date to discuss the situation.  Assignments not received by the stated deadline (will result in a loss of marks of 10% per day for up to seven business days after which a mark of ZERO is assigned.

All papers will be submitted online to the designated BB drop box and will be examined by Safe Assign. No other submission method will be accepted. All papers will be examined by plagiarism detection software.  Student’s will be allowed multiple submission and should consider reviewing the Safe Assign report and modifying and issues prior to the deadline. ORDER YOUR PAPER NOW

Checklist for success


  • Do you have a title page with your name, student number, date, and title?
  • Is your introductory paragraph clear?
  • Does your paper flow well and is it logical?
  • Have you cited at least seven appropriate sources using APA citations and Bibliographical sourcing.
  • Have you quoted material that needs quotes?
  • If your quotations take up more the 3% of your total work count you will lose grades.
  • Have you incorporated appropriate theories in to your work?
  • Do you have a strong conclusion to the first section?
  • Have you hit the word count?
  • Did you review your Safe assign report and consider its findings?

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