CHD3243 Case Study Critical Analysis

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CHD3243 Case Study Critical Analysis

Goal of Assignment: Critically analyze case studies by applying developmental theories, course content, and scholarly resources.

Instructions: Read the Case Study Scenario below. Using content from Chapter 3 on the brain and cognitive development, provide a critical analysis of the observations noted in the case study. Use the following questions to guide your analysis (do not write the paper in a “Q&A” format, but in a scholarly paper format). Individually write a 3-4 page critical analysis analyzing the developmental concepts illustrated in the case study (following APA formatting guidelines).

  1. Using at least two theories outlined in the chapter, provide a critical analysis of the case study. (worth 8 points, 4 per theory)

Which two theories would best be used to analyze this case study? How could each of these theories be applied to this case? Which theoretical constructs could be applied to better understand this case? Note that no specific ages were provided for each of the children described in the case, but from the perspective of the theories you used for the analysis, what ages would you predict for each of these children? Why?

  1. Apply other course content from Chapter 3 to this case study to further analyze the information presented. (worth 6 points)

What other concepts or research was presented in Chapter 3 that relates to this case study? How does that information aid in understanding this particular case study?

  1. Use FSU library resources to find at least one outside scholarly resource (peer-reviewed research journal article) related to this case study. (worth 6 points)

The article needs to be from the last 10 years and cannot be one listed in the textbook. Describe how that article relates to this case study, and how it could be used to better analyze this particular case. Be sure to use in-text citations appropriately, as well as listing the article reference on a separate reference page. CHD3243 Case Study Critical Analysis

  1. Use APA formatting guidelines to write a 3-4 page paper describing your analysis. (5 points)


Note that your page count does NOT include the cover page or reference page. An abstract is NOT needed.

Case Study Scenario:

Paul and Melissa are the parents of three children at distinctly different stages of development. As far as they are concerned, each child is unique, good looking, and above average. Paul has noticed that all the children are curious about their environment, ask lots of questions, and organize the information they gather. As they get older, each child develops areas of expertise and provides increasingly complicated explanations about how things work. Matt is the oldest, and he demonstrates a lot of talent in math, science, and music. He has composed a small symphony and is experimenting with a synthesizer, the high school orchestra, and his friend’s rock band to investigate how it sounds. The second child, Mark, shows an interest in scientific topics as well, but seems to be most interested in plants and animals. As a youngster, he was fascinated by dinosaurs, as are many children, but the interest seemed to generalize to other types of animals as he learned about evolution. After visiting the Smithsonian’s Natural History Museum, he became very interested in categories of aquatic life. Their youngest, Lucas, hasn’t shown much interest in math or science, but he is what you might call a “free spirit,” enjoys people, and likes spending time at the library and bookstore. Lucas often is a nuisance to his brothers, showing little consideration for their time and interests. They get back at him by playing on his simple thinking ability, like tricking him into taking two small pieces instead of a full slice of dessert. As Paul watches the children, Melissa observes him taking mental notes of their progress, and recognizes his appreciation of the family.


See the detailed grading rubric in Canvas for further information on how each portion of this assignment will be graded.

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