Classical Greece Research Paper

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Classical Greece Research Paper


This week, you are going to write a 1000-1200 word paper on one of the following topics:


The Parthenon. Explain the various architectural elements, the mythological connections, and cultural significance of the Acropolis. Do we have a modern-day equivalent in America? 


The Elgin Marble debate. Many key pieces of the Parthenon do not reside in Athens; they are housed in the British Museum in London after Lord Elgin removed them for safekeeping 200 years ago. The debate has turned into an international incident: The British claim the sculpture and statuary would be destroyed by the pollution and corruption of modern Greece; the Greeks claim that the historic marbles have been stolen from their rightful home and should be returned. Explain the circumstances surrounding this debate and decide the fate of where these pieces should go. Be sure to defend your choice! 


The Trojan War debate. Ancient Greeks firmly believed that the Trojan War took place: the various Gods and Goddesses played an active role, and the heroes Achilles and Hector literally existed. Centuries later, the Trojan War fell to myth, with later scholars arguing that it all was just an elaborate story created by inventive storytellers. What is true? Do some research into the question and decide what really happened. What lessons does this argument have for the modern period and our ability to interpret the past?  

Make sure you format your paper according to MLA guidelines (including an MLA header, a title, double-spaced, Times New Roman 12).

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