Comparative methodology Critique Essay

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Comparative methodology Critique Essay


In the critique analysis, two studies are analyzed based on the effectiveness and ineffectiveness of the studies depending on the methodologies employed in the study. The first study is an investigative one, on the level of freedom on the victims whose restriction is under the total control institution. In this regard, a prison is used as an area of research. The second research aimed at establishing the level of sensitivity on fashion in considering the personality traits of the individuals.


Brief Summary of the article first article “consumption of Restriction in a Total Control Institution: Participatory Action Research in a Maximum Security Prison”.

In the text “consumption of Restriction in a Total Control Institution: Participatory Action Research in a Maximum Security Prison” is a research that targeted at offering an investigation on the choices the consumers have especially in a totally restricted environment. In this regard, a prison was utilized to give the best reflection of the research. The study was conducted within the period of over eighteen months using the approach of participatory research in order to get the point straight from the source as researchers draw meaningful conclusions. The research targeted a population of 4000 men. Most of the men were the uneducated therefore they could not give the required information about the research but a few of them had been enrolled in a degree program in a private institution to boost their knowledge.  The authors start the essay by complaining that despite the fact that prisoners should feel more comfortable while in prison, but the fact remains clear that in the institution the condition to them is miserable therefore undergoing the process of rehabilitation is not achievable. The prison has been turned to be a place of torture.  The population which was used in the research reduced due to illiteracy level. The researchers were to check for the scenarios in the prison and…Show More Content….

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