Designer Babies Technology

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Designer Babies Technology in GMO

The designer babies is a technology being considered for implementation to produce genetically modified humans. The aim is to produce the offspring which possess the desirable qualities based on the designer’s specifications.  The idea has, however, brought about various arguments since the fate of the human beings may be interrupted. For instance, one may opt to modify only one gene, and afterward be tempted to change two other genes or more and the game continues until the human life becomes complicated. The family honor may be lost since every child becomes modified such that the blood relationship is even lost. While some researchers embrace the idea as a lucrative one, others find it as just a mere theory which only needs to be ignored (Green., & Nathan, 1). A Student Sample: Click here to ORDER NOW

The idea of designer babies a good one as it may help to eliminate most of the diseases which have been chaotic and a threat to the human life. As a person chooses the genes for his or her child, he or she will definitely ignore the unhealthy genes and choose the healthy ones such that most of the inheritable diseases are eliminated. This is also a good way to eliminate gene mutations such as albinism and other genetic disorders. For instance, obesity is a common disease that comes as a result of being overweight or having excessive body fats. The knowledge of designing babies with the choice of the genes can help eliminate the genes that cause obesity by selecting an embryo that will give a child with a condensed probability of growing fat. This will mean that the use of the gene-targeting techniques to jerk the DNA structures, it will eventually be possible to have children that will never face obesity-related diseases in their lifetime even without necessarily disposing of the embryos (Dolgin, Janet, & Lois, 2). A Student Sample: Click here to ORDER NOW

Although the ideas seem to be a solution to many other health problems and gene mutations, it gives rise to many other questions. For instance, the parents are worried about the effects that may come along with the gene selection. This poses a risk to lose the unconditional love for the parents and replace it with the consumerist mentality. A person may ask himself or herself if I am able to get a healthy genetically produced child, why the need to commit myself to another person in the name of marriage to get children or for the sake of love? After all, various people consider marriage for lifetime partnership and the making of a family while others consider it as a way to get children and at least bear a motherhood or fatherhood title. Then, if the genetic implantation can make one possess such a title, then the need for seeking love and a partner is eliminated.

The fear by the human beings to lose their freedom by being the slaves to the gene influences instead of the natural beings poses a challenge. The technology may change the lives of the creatures created thereof….Continue Reading

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