Effects of Politics on Animal Captivity

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Effects of Politics on Animal Captivity

Animals in Captivity have More Freedom

As per the animal rights, there exists zoo politics texture where the animals do not enjoy fully their freedom. In the past zoo politics, only human interests were taken care of and considered in decision making- animals interest were highly ignored. In the current zoo politics, the right to freedom of animals is highly upheld during policy making. Therefore, politics have contributed zoo professionals increased attention on these animals freedom while in captivity. Just like human rights are defended by activists, animal rights activists have been in the lead to defend these rights. Currently, there is a fair and equal treatment of animals in captivity right of freedom just like human beings have been defended by the constitution since the abolishment of slave trade. This code of justice has led to minimized risks that pose animals into health and death dangers while in captivity. Hunting activities in zoos and other ecosystems where animals in captivity are kept have been restricted by politics and law. As a result, the number of animals killed in hunting activities has reduced considerably. Some ambitious politicians have also provoke the anti-animal rights policies set aside by the government, putting more pressure to defend their rights.


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