Event Management Assignment

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Event Management Assignment


To give students an opportunity to apply specific event marketing concepts/theories to a ‘real life’ company/industry.

Students will complete this assignment individually after selecting a Convention Centre event (one of three listed below) and applying course material related to Chapter 4 and 5.

Word document, maximum of 750 words (please use word count) Also, if not in word doc,and/ or not openable, please understand that I will need extra time to either contact you to re-load your file or I may have to re-format. In either case this will result in a mark deduction of 10%.

1.5 line spacing, 1” margins, 12 pt Font, WRTTEN IN THIRD PERSON.

Include an introduction, conclusion, intext APA citations and APA References (References not included in 2 page count). Make sure you paraphrase when necessary.

Be sure this paper is your own work; as a guide work from other sources to a maximum of 15%, this means at least 85% is your own work.

Include a screen shot of your Turnitin Result showing 15% tolerance or better. Edit until you reach threshold before Moodle Submission.

Your paper must adhere to the University plagiarism guidelines Information about how to avoid plagiarism by proper documentation of sources is available in the Writing Centre and is published on the University website in the University Policies page.

Up to 30% may be deducted on written portions of assignments for improper use of grammar, referencing, punctuation, spelling/syntax, and for not abiding by the above set guidelines. If you need help please visit the writing centre: http://www.capilanou.ca/writing-centre/ (there is now an electronic submission option). Event Management Assignment

Grading: Paper will be graded on content, feasibility, creativity, English and presentation and according to the grading rubric on moodle.

All papers must be submitted to Turnitin prior to uploading on Moodle. Your paper can be no more than 15% copied on the Turnitin score. Revise until you reach this tolerance level or lower.


Date due: Refer to date on Moodle Calendar. Upload to moodle only. Late papers accepted at 10% mark deductions up to a maximum of three days past the due date after which time no late papers will be accepted.

Project: The company/industry that will be studied is:
Industry: Special Events

Venue: Vancouver Convention Centre


Each student will:

Select one of the Fall 2019 events to be held at the Vancouver Convention Centre:

Answer questions related to concepts in Chapters 4 and 5 of your text. You will analyze your selected future event against on its strategic focus and will try to predict success based on the three Event Screens.

The assignment involves collecting facts about the company/industry through primary and secondary research and including these facts in your report.


I. Cover Page and Introduction – set up the purpose of your paper

II. Event description, event type, strategic alignment

III. In reference to the three evaluation screens, (financial, operations and marketing). Will this event be successful?

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