Fundamentals of Marketing Assignment

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Fundamentals of Marketing Assignment

Consumer Decision Making Process for Purchasing A Samsung Blu-Ray Player as an Home Entertainment System.


The purpose of this report is to provide an insight into the thought that a consumer goes through to purchase the Samsung Blu-Ray Player as a home entertainment system. Samsung is a highly reputable brand and well recognized in the home entertainment industry. Unlike many other home entertainment products in the market, Samsung offers a unique feature in industry and their brand are in very nice and compact size that the product gives the consumers that satisfaction in the product. Due to this distinctives feature, Samsung makes it a critical to understand the underlying reason to why consumers may purchase this product over other brand of home entertainment system in the market. And, this report will show through the five stages of the consumer decision-making process in relation to this particular product.


Need Recognition

The consumer behaviour process begins once the buyers identified problem or need a new product for use (Armstrong, 2016). In the case of purchasing the Samsung Blu-Ray player, the initial decision might come from receiving review about the product from a friend or in need of a new set of home entertainment system at home. Fundamentals of Marketing Assignment

However, home entertainment system are known to be a set of audio and video component that provides the same exhilarating experience of watching a movie inside a theater in the comfort of your living room, but the purchase of the new Samsung Blu-Ray player might be triggered by the need of needing a new gadget at home to watch, there might be other additional trigger around what a person want rather than actual needs.

The desire in purchasing the new brand of a home entertainment system, such as Samsung Blu-Ray Player may come from observing one as you visit a friend house and watching the picture you want to get one for yourself….Show More Content….




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