Global Competitive Assessment

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Global Competitive Assessment

Strategy and the Global Competitive Environment  BSS058-6

Report on a Contemporary External Strategic Environment

Unit Learning Outcomes

  • Nature and purpose of strategy, strategic analysis, its theoretical underpinnings and implications for marketing. Demonstrate an, analytic and persuasive understanding of the strategy process
  • Think strategically and increased confidence handling and discussing complex, current events; Deploy analytical tools of strategic and marketing management, synthesise, evaluate and develop appropriate strategic and marketing options.

Select an article published in a quality newspaper during the past month that can be identified as relating to a focused, contemporary external strategic environment (in nature this could be political, economic, demographic, social, technological, environmental, legal etc). Use this as the starting point for a strategic analysis of that identified environment, viewed from the perspective of two relevant organizations.  What are the strategic implications of what is being reported in the article? What is the wider context in terms of trends, drivers and prevalent discourse?  What are the considerations for the industry as a whole and the organisations you have selected to focus on? Compare and contrast the position of these two organisations in terms of the strategic environment and evaluate the opportunities and threats it presents. Global Competitive Assessment


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