HUM Descartes vs Plato Quiz

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HUM Descartes vs Plato Quiz

In this unit’s readings, you get several very different perspectives on truth. Plato argues that truth is found not through the senses, but through reason and introspection (looking inward, toward universal ideas, or forms); Rene Descartes argues something similar, but he ends up having much more confidence in our senses — and in our sense of personal identity — than Plato.

In 2 typed, double-spaced pages, evaluate both perspectives and give a well-reasoned argument as to which of the two views of truth is better (i.e., which is more accurate). Make sure you explain the two views concisely and thoroughly, and then develop your argument for one or the other — noting how the better of the two overcomes problems with the other theory (e.g., the better theory explains more, or is compatible with other things we know, etc.). HUM Descartes vs Plato Quiz


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