Impacts on Brand Factors of Zara

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Assess the Impacts on Brand factors of Zara


Zara Australia Pty Limited is an eminent retail group which deals in fashion items in Australia. Clothing, accessories and footwear are primarily retailed in Zara Australia. In 1999, the company opened their store in Sydney, Australia. It is a subsidiary of Zara Holding B.V. In spite of being a successful brand certain factors are creating hindrance the business of the company in Australia. ORDER YOUR PAPER NOW

2.0 Brief Statement of the Problem

2.1 Research Rationale:

Zara Australia Pty Limited has a consistent growth in business. The centralized distribution system can be termed as the biggest hindrance in the path of business growth of Zara in Australia. The production line, the supply system and the distribution are very much centralized and prone to collapse due to unprecedented problems as per Perry & Towers (2013). Zara imitates the Runaway fashion trends and not concentrate on creating the trend of the season.  is Santa having an adverse effect on the brand value of Zara in Australia.  Moreover, Zara has a policy of zero advertising which is responsible for their limited public exposure.  The basic purpose to select the research topic is to find the solutions of the problems faced by Zara in Australia and build an effective strategy for business growth.

2.2 Research Aim

The aim of the researcher is to evaluate the impact of certain factors on the business of Zara in Australia and analyses the importance of those factors on building the brand image of Zara.

2.3 Research Objectives

The objective of the researcher is to determine,

  • The effect of centralized distribution system on the business of Zara
  • The impact of zero advertising policy on building brand image
  • the impact of not being a trendsetter in the fashion industry

2.4 Research Methodology

Positivism is chosen as Research philosophy because it will help to analyses the impact of certain factors on the business growth of Zara in Australia as well as the importance of those factors in building the brand image of Zara. Deductive Research Approach will be used by the researcher to build effective business strategy with the help of relevant information. According to Creswell & Creswell (2017), exploratory Research design is used here to acknowledge the ideas relevant to the research topic.

Data is a collection of useful information to analyze the research topic and derive effective solutions of the research problem. In this particular research the secondary data is collected from the website of Zara Australia Pty Limited. Secondary data is also collected from different fashion blogs and websites in Australia in order to analyze the research problem.

Qualitative technique is used to interview three managers of Zara Australia Pty Limited. Each of them represents Production and Design Department, The operations and strategy department and warehouse and distribution department. Fifty Australian customers including male and female are interviewed by the researcher. The researcher tried to maintain the Research ethics properly. The research is scheduled to be completed within 6 weeks and the Research budget is 200 Australian dollars.

Figure 1: Research Onion by Scott & Garner, 2013)

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