Individual Project- Supply Chain

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Individual Project- Supply Chain

Individual Project

(Worth 25% of your final grade)

Note: Although there are some research components to this case, there is also a requirement for you to do a significant amount of analysis. Please make sure that you display evidence that you have done the analysis (don’t rely on merely quoting (research) articles). Keep in mind the focus of this project is supply chain and operations management (NOT marketing).

Your weekly post-class activities during the course should provide a firm basis on which to build your final report. Please take any feedback received during the course into consideration when finalizing your report.

Total length should be between 1,200-2,000 words.

Select a company of your choice.

Make sure you discuss:

  1. Competitive strategy of the company
  2. Which competitive priorities (e.g. see page 28-31) are most important for the company?
  3. What are the order winners and order qualifiers?
  4. Sketch a supply chain of your company. DIAGRAM
    • How the supply chain and operations design of the company aligns (or is mis-aligned) with its strategy and competitive priorities. In this part of your project you are supposed to cover the entire supply chain of your company – starting with its suppliers and finishing with its customers. You have to talk about every single topic we have covered in class, such as: HOW DOES THE SUPPLY CHAIN SUPPORT THEIR STRATEGY
    • Suppliers – who are they, there are they located, what kind of relationship do they have with your company, etc. (go over module 7 material)
    • Transportation/distribution/inventory management – both inbound and outbound (go over module 6)
    • Manufacturing – MTO/MTS/ATO, product-process matrix, do they use lean/JIT techniques, do they have excess capacity/just right capacity, forecasting implications, where are manufacturing facilities located? (go over modules 3, 4, 6, 8, 9)
  5. Identify two significant supply chain risks (one ‘known-unknown’ and one ‘unknown-unknown’ the company is exposed to. How do they mitigate these risks? (Refer to module 7 material and to the pdf file posted in the final individual submission dropbox).ALMOST HALF OF THE PROJECT


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