MBAP 710 Professional Ethics 

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MBAP 710 Professional Ethics 


This course aims to help students become more profic1ient and more effective at making ethical decisions in the business worlds. In particular, it focuses on how managers should think about the role of values and ethics in their workplaces and take actions that follow their ethics and values. The class will help students recognize and incorporate ethics into their own decision-making, so that they may reason more effectively about the role of ethics and develop their sense of responsible judgment. Students will acquire critical thinking, communication, and managerial skills necessary to voice their values in a business environment. They will be exposed to a variety of ethical dilemmas in actual cases and plausible frameworks for dealing with these dilemmas. They will have opportunities to speak about their personal values and become better equipped to intervene in real life ethical dilemmas in a business setting, thus giving voice to their values. Ultimately, students will learn how they can contribute to developing ethical organizations.


Upon successful completion of this course, a student should be able to:
1. Articulate fundamental perspectives for ethical decision making.
2. Internalize a systematic ethical decision-making framework toward moral reasoning.
3. Develop the application ability to critically evaluate managerial and corporate ethics issues through analyzing real business cases.
4. Build skills at voicing their values in a business environment
5. Practice how to respond to the most frequent reasons and rationalizations that people give for NOT acting on their values.
6. Develop ethical leadership skills through a sense of how to align one’s ethical value with that of the organization.
7. Develop strategic action plans to resolve ethical dilemmas that arise in the business world. MBAP 710 Professional Ethics 


Required materials:

Linda K. Trevino, Katherine A. Nelson , Managing Business Ethics: Straight Talk about How to Do It Right, 6th Edition (Note: Old
edition is acceptable. We will only cover the concepts & theory from the book)

Gentile, Giving Voice to Values (GVV)

Harvard Business School cases (You will need to purchase the cases from the Harvard Business School Online website. If you have not
yet registered with HBS Online, you should do so. To purchase Case Pack please use the following link:

Every Week, I will assign cases/ materials (e.g., Newspaper articles, Giving Voice to Values materials), which will be posted on the
course website.

Supply Chain of Starbucks

This has to be done on Starbucks with powerpoint slides. see attached proposal. please wander the following questions in essay form.

  1. Discuss the environmental sustainability of the organization, challenges and solutions.
  2. A discussion/conclusion about what you have learned from the supply chain management of real-world applications.



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