Personal Faith and Beliefs Essay

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Personal Faith and Beliefs Essay

My faith in and belief in Christ is not only beneficial to me but should also make impacts in drawing others in that faith. Faith is the expectation of things hoped for. In this essay, I will discuss how my faith and belief allow me to contribute to Liberty’s mission to develop Christ-centered leaders.


I love worshipping God and I believe it is through worship that I can help people to become Christ-centered. In worshipping, I draw myself closer to God and hence I cry for people’s lives to be changed and become Christ-centered just like me. As I express myself to God through worship, I pray for the leaders and other people so that they also attain faith in Christ. In this essence, I partner in Liberty’s mission to develop Christ-centered leaders. Discipleship is also a good way of helping to develop Christ-centered leaders. Such entails serving others with humility which is a great way to draw people to Christ. As I humble myself before other people by serving them, I will be able to spread the word of God to them and explain the goodness of faith in Him. I will also help them discover the talents that God has given them and help them know how He loves them. In this essence, people will be eager to develop their talents and yearn to learn more about God.

Generally, faith is mostly expressed through actions. In my aim to help develop Christ-centered leaders, I will try to embrace the actions that express faith and beliefs. Such actions include service to others, devoted worship to God, and spreading the gospel of Christ in order to win souls to Him, hence developing such leaders. Personal Faith and Beliefs Essay



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