Public Health Issue Essay

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Public Health Issue Essay

Essay on one public health issue in knoxville Tennessee focusing special attention on resources available to undeserved or underinsured populations in the geographic location.

Public health issue can be about any of the following: Alcohol-related harms, Food safety, Food security, Healthcare-associated infections, Heart disease and stroke, HIV, Motor vehicle injury, Nutrition, physical activity and obesity, Presсrіption drug overdose, Teen pregnancy, Tobacco use, Mental/behavioral health, Opioid/substance abuse, Violence (e.g. domestic, gun, gang), Veteran health issues, Racial disparities in environmental exposure, Environmental exposure.


  • Define the problem
  • Describe the consequences to patient/family/society
  • Describe and define resources and interventions that are available to address the problem, including the following Scope: federal/state/local Sources of funding and material resources, public (government or tax based) and/or private (e.g., community donations, non-profit organization, community/place of worship-based, NGO) Human resources (credentials, training, volunteer vs. paid)
  • Accessibility for patients/clients
  • Include commentary/analysis whether resources/interventions have evidence-based effectiveness for the indicated problem


Must include a list of at least 5 references/citations (not included in word count) for the essay

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