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Reading Reflection Template Weeks 7 & 10

In this reflection you need to make connections between the different readings you have read. The best way to do this is to organise your writing around themes and then say how the authors of each reading have contributed to your understanding of each theme.

Halverson, C. (2008). Group process and meetings. In C. Halverson & S. A. Tirmizi (Eds.), Effective multicultural teams: Theory and practice. (pp. 111-133). Dordrecht, The Netherlands: Springer.

Integrated summary of the readings

Summarise the key themes in the reading. As you only have 300 words, it is best to think in terms of just two key themes. Organise your writing according to these themes, making a separate paragraph for each. Make connections to the other two readings to illustrate your points. Make the connections between the different readings very clear. (300 words). Reading Reflection Template Weeks 7 & 10


Reflection on personal practice

Give specific and practical illustrations of how you have applied at least one of the themes in your summary to learning together with others in your mentoring partnership, debriefing group or small groups in tutorials. (200 words)


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